About HealthTrunk

For Patients

  1. store important health info, such as images, voice, notes, bluebutton download
  2. allow sharing so that one family (ie. mom) can help organize everyones records from one place
  3. share folders or content with others such as another healthcare professional
  4. research their condition, locate images, stories, articles on the web to these issues
  5. adapt folders for health conditions or for each member of the family
  6. share to social

For Providers

  1. store articles, research, and data about certain issues to learn from and share with colleagues
  2. share some of this also with their patients for the ones that are interested and want to learn more
  3. create files for certain medical conditions and share with patients upon diagnosis (learning file)
  4. organize their education and articles, find new ones using pub med
  5. use box.com HiPAA account to share medical record info for a patient with another provider